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Our diving trips are for beginner divers, student divers and certified divers, as well as our discover scuba diving experience participants. If you are not a diver and not interested in diving, you can still join us on the boat or stay in the hotel and enjoy the sun and sea. You can read on our general rules and important things regarding our diving trips:  


We travel to the south and southwest of Turkey all year round. You can see our yearly trips calendar here. Our bus leaves Ankara on Friday evening at 20:00 for the weekend trips (For holiday trips, please contact us for the exact itinerary). We meet at our office (Bayindir 2 Sokak 33/13) and we also have additional stops. Our instructors will inform you of the schedule and places for these stops. We are precise about the timing due to the comfort of our guests, therefore it is very important to be on time during the trip to not to miss anything :)

We prepare our guests' voucher for the seating, room arrangements, and dive planning beforehand and inform them in the beginning of the trip. If you have a special request for any of these, please let us know 24 hours prior to departure. We will do our best to help you with your needs.

If you are a certified diver, you need to carry the original (hard copy or digital) diving certification card in addition to your ID card with you during the trip. If you don't have them, it may not be possible to dive. Beginners or discover scuba diving participants who don't have a certification yet should only bring their ID cards. According to Turkish diving regulations, a diver/student diver should be at least 14 years old to be able to dive/be certified. If you are older than 14 but younger than 18, you need to bring the necessary documents signed by your parent/guardian with you. (We will help you with the forms and procedures.)

In the beginning of the trip, we will brief our guests about the schedule and important subjects. There are some documents you need to fill and sign after the briefing :

1.) Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding (for the student divers)
2.) Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement (for the student divers)
3.) Medical Statement Form (for the student divers)
4.) Certified Diver Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement (for certified divers)
5.) Turkish Underwater Sports Federation (TSSF) Risk Acceptance Agreement (for both student and certified divers)

- Non-divers don't have to sign these forms -

We don't cancel any trip unless an extreme weather or travel condition occurs. In the case of a weather condition, we may decide to change the dive destination for the safety of our divers and guests. These cases are exceptional and rarely happen. We inform our guests prior to the trip about the new destination.

The size of the vehicle that will take us to the diving destination depends on the number of passengers. We travel with a Mercedes Sprinter or Volkswagen Crafter for 1-16 pax groups. We travel by a middle sized bus with 17-25 pax groups and for bigger groups, we travel by a big bus.



It is best to book a dive trip in advance (7-10 days prior to departure). We receive pre-bookings online or by phone. After the pre-booking, we inform you about the trip and once you complete the payment, you reserve your place. Vacant places for each dive trip may differ, so it is best to make the actual reservation as soon as possible.

If you want to cancel your reservation 72 hours prior to the departure or earlier, your payment will be reserved, and you will receive a credit for a dive trip of your choice in the future (credit is valid for 6 months). If you want to cancel the reservation after the 72 hours mark, the payment is non-refundable or non-transferable. Please contact us for any questions about our cancellation and refund policies.


* Bus travels to and from the diving destination

* Diving site - hotel transfers

* Saturday and Sunday breakfast

* Accommodation (rooms are for 2 pax)

* 4 scuba dives from the boat for divers (2 scuba dives for Discover Scuba Diving participants)

* Saturday and Sunday lunch (For divers and non-diving boat guests)

* Scuba equipment rentals and tank fills (for divers and DSD participants)

* Guidance

* "A" Level Travel Agency Fees (BM Samba Turizm)

* Travel Insurance

(VAT is included in all prices)


Our prices and explanations




The packages we have for nondiver guests who will come with us to the boat only exclude "scuba diving services". Our guests can enjoy their time on our boat and use snorkeling equipment of the boat for free diving and snorkeling.

Discover Scuba Diving Participants

Discover Scuba Diving participants pay the Diver Price for the trip they want to participate. They will make one-on-one "try dives" with their instructor one dive per day. The depth of these dives is limited by the standards and local rules. The participants take a briefing before the dive and after their dives, they receive a participation certificate. We also take pictures and videos of our participants which are included in the trip price.

If you will travel separately

We have a "package agreement" with our Travel Agency, therefore we strongly recommend our guests who reside in Ankara to travel with us to minimize any risks of logistical and legal problems. If you have a special condition which obliges to travel separately, then the price will change. Please contact us in this case because the travel costs differ for each trip and destination.

If you book your hotel separately

The above-mentioned notes also apply for the hotel accommodations. Please contact us if you want to book your hotel separately. Normally, we book the rooms for 2 pax. But if the hotel has the vacancy, you can ask to have a single room. Then, there will be a single room supplement. The prices differ for every trip and hotel, therefore please contact us for the details.


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